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Home of:

  • Little Patch of Velvet

  • Sonny Bono

  • Zorro

  • J-Mar's Sugar Baby

  • Hershey's Bad Moon Rising

  • Spider's Final Legacy

We are a small family run farm located in Eastern Kentucky, the birthplace of the Rocky Mountain Horse. For over a decade we have produced top of the line Rocky Mountain horses. We strive to breed for a natural 4-beat gait, gentle disposition, and beautiful conformation that Rockies are famous for, all while preserving the old foundation bloodlines that these great horses were built upon. We love to see our horses excel and amaze in the show ring, but it is even more honoring when they become excellent and dependable trail partners that we get to build timeless memories and lasting friendships. We have grown to love this beautiful breed and we want to share our love for the Rocky Mountain Horse with others!

The love of a mountain horse is a love like no other!

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